UntitledQueer feminist, @lowsell, spends her days policing women’s language on the internet. She wants us all, whenever mentioning pregnancy, to pretend that men can also be ‘with child’.




Untitled.@sophiaphotos wants a radical education reform. He wants to do away with ideas like penis = male and female = vagina and presumably also radically rethink the notions that 2 + 2 = 4 and the earth orbits the sun.



UntitledNon-binary, glittery femme, individual, @KitsuneKuro, needs us all to know that vaginas and wombs are not female reproductive organs. I really wish I had enough money to send a copy of this book to all these poor kids who are going around not knowing where babies come from:




Untitled.@ParisLees is a male person who engages in sexual relationships with other male persons and discusses these happenings on the internet for everyone to see. When Julie Burchill notices that Paris Lees is a male person who engages in sex with other male persons and names him as such (gay boy), she is a ranting bigot who needs to be condemned by prominent feminists. My MS Paint skills are not good but I have attempted to draw a diagram that Mr Lees might find useful.