raining musesLesbians: if you don’t include men in your dating pool, you’re committing a transphobic act which leads to violence.

Let’s see how this works for other marginalized groups.

Straight men: if you exclude gay men from your dating pool, know that it’s a homophobic act and leads to literal violence.

Straight women: if you exclude lesbians from your dating pool, know that it’s a lesbophobic act and leads to literal violence.

Not quite as catchy.




UntitledThis is a confusing jumble of words from @Princessanie. She’s right in that rape does not depend of [sic] pronouns – rape is dependent on biology and plenty of men who refer to themselves as ‘she’ commit rape. She’s also right that the gender identity of a rapist is wholly unimportant. When a man is raping a woman with his penis, whether he identifies as a man or a woman is likely to be pretty irrelevant to her. But rape doesn’t depend of [sic] genitalia? Is she saying men don’t rape women with their penises?



UntitledLuckily for us, Cristan Williams over at @transadvocate has devised a helpful guide to let you know if you’ve come in contact with a TERF. If you meet a woman who parts her hair to the right, wears sensible shoes and doesn’t carry a purse, there is a significant likelihood that woman knows penis is male.



Untitled.@ParisLees is a male person who engages in sexual relationships with other male persons and discusses these happenings on the internet for everyone to see. When Julie Burchill notices that Paris Lees is a male person who engages in sex with other male persons and names him as such (gay boy), she is a ranting bigot who needs to be condemned by prominent feminists. My MS Paint skills are not good but I have attempted to draw a diagram that Mr Lees might find useful.