ada j wellsConfused young @adajwells is a student at Edinburgh University. He is running for LGBT+ liberation officer and appears to be confused about the difference between a homosexual male sex act and a homosexual female sex act.




Untitled.@ParisLees is a male person who engages in sexual relationships with other male persons and discusses these happenings on the internet for everyone to see. When Julie Burchill notices that Paris Lees is a male person who engages in sex with other male persons and names him as such (gay boy), she is a ranting bigot who needs to be condemned by prominent feminists. My MS Paint skills are not good but I have attempted to draw a diagram that Mr Lees might find useful.




cogdisastrAHere, a man going by the name of Octavia, says that if you say trans women are not women, that’s the same as saying lesbianism is not a real sexuality. Confused? So is Octavia’s buddy, @SubManUSN.

SubManUSNSo, he does. Kind of.

cogdisastrA2cogdisastrA3Still confused? It’s ok. Me too. But there is this:

UntitledSexual dimorphism is actually about penis and vagina. Not mane and no-mane or tits and man-boobs. Those are secondary sex characteristics. Poor Octavia. It must be hard being him.