queernessThis young man (@viletrans) is the gatekeeper of queerness and he’s refusing entry to Lesbians who were lesbianning while he was still shitting his pants.




UntitledLuckily for us, Cristan Williams over at @transadvocate has devised a helpful guide to let you know if you’ve come in contact with a TERF. If you meet a woman who parts her hair to the right, wears sensible shoes and doesn’t carry a purse, there is a significant likelihood that woman knows penis is male.



polvegCitizen Kanus, @PoliticalVeg, doesn’t know what rape means. Or, Citizen Kanus does know what rape means, he just gets his jollies from trolling women on the internet who have opinions about rape. Since Citizen Kanus appears to not know what rape means, and obviously doesn’t know what “fuck off” means, Citizen Kanus appears to be a potentially violent, as well as stupid, man.




EllwynnnnnHere, I ask exactly why it’s hate speech to point out that a surgically created neovagina has a different odour to a legit female vagina. Ellwynnnnn here wants me to know that he thinks I’m disgusting. I’m not sure if I’m disgusting for pointing it out, or disgusting for having unwomanly thoughts about vaginas, or disgusting for having observational skills. Either way, we must NEVER talk about differences between biological females and transsexuals. I learned that on the internet.