UntitledQueer feminist, @lowsell, spends her days policing women’s language on the internet. She wants us all, whenever mentioning pregnancy, to pretend that men can also be ‘with child’.





I’m not sure what’s going on here but I think @fearlessknits is pretending that she thinks there is no difference whatsoever between a human male’s penis and a sex toy made from synthetic fibre. If she’s not pretending, and she actually does think that, then I weep for all humanity.



UntitledThis is a confusing jumble of words from @Princessanie. She’s right in that rape does not depend of [sic] pronouns – rape is dependent on biology and plenty of men who refer to themselves as ‘she’ commit rape. She’s also right that the gender identity of a rapist is wholly unimportant. When a man is raping a woman with his penis, whether he identifies as a man or a woman is likely to be pretty irrelevant to her. But rape doesn’t depend of [sic] genitalia? Is she saying men don’t rape women with their penises?



UntitledNon-binary, glittery femme, individual, @KitsuneKuro, needs us all to know that vaginas and wombs are not female reproductive organs. I really wish I had enough money to send a copy of this book to all these poor kids who are going around not knowing where babies come from:




kittyAccording to @notpornprobably, everything you have to say in life about anyone needs to be said to their face.

In keeping with her advice, I will be taking a short break from blogging at Peak Stupid. I need to go to London so I can tell David Cameron what a wanker he is.



UntitledI’m not exactly sure what @MxLaudanum is suggesting here. I think she might be saying that TERFS (that is, women with sensible shoes on who know penis is male) are directly responsible for attacks on trans women by men simply by the very act of knowing penis is male. If everyone in the world pretended penis was female, no men would rape and beat the trans women and would stick to beating and raping the regular women. I think that’s what she’s saying anyway.