ada j wellsConfused young @adajwells is a student at Edinburgh University. He is running for LGBT+ liberation officer and appears to be confused about the difference between a homosexual male sex act and a homosexual female sex act.




queernessThis young man (@viletrans) is the gatekeeper of queerness and he’s refusing entry to Lesbians who were lesbianning while he was still shitting his pants.




.@DeusDeMortem thinks that the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, which openly welcomes “cis” people, is a trans safe space in which no one may voice any concerns they might have about the impact of gender on women.



BkMFBFsCUAAVQ3vIn normal people terms, “cishet dude” means a heterosexual man who is not pretending to be a woman. @VanguardVivian doesn’t know that if it weren’t for the ladyface, he’d be one of them too.



UntitledEntitled white dude who acts like the authority of everything, @MerylSFortney, is really sick and tired of expending energy schooling other white dudes who act like the authority of everything.