UntitledThis is a confusing jumble of words from @Princessanie. She’s right in that rape does not depend of [sic] pronouns – rape is dependent on biology and plenty of men who refer to themselves as ‘she’ commit rape. She’s also right that the gender identity of a rapist is wholly unimportant. When a man is raping a woman with his penis, whether he identifies as a man or a woman is likely to be pretty irrelevant to her. But rape doesn’t depend of [sic] genitalia? Is she saying men don’t rape women with their penises?




UntitledPriyodit Sharma (@priyoditsharma) can’t understand why a woman would object to him, an adult male, sleeping next to naked children. This is peak stupid and peak pervert.



UntitledNon-binary, glittery femme, individual, @KitsuneKuro, needs us all to know that vaginas and wombs are not female reproductive organs. I really wish I had enough money to send a copy of this book to all these poor kids who are going around not knowing where babies come from:




BkMFBFsCUAAVQ3vIn normal people terms, “cishet dude” means a heterosexual man who is not pretending to be a woman. @VanguardVivian doesn’t know that if it weren’t for the ladyface, he’d be one of them too.



UntitledEntitled white dude who acts like the authority of everything, @MerylSFortney, is really sick and tired of expending energy schooling other white dudes who act like the authority of everything.



kittyAccording to @notpornprobably, everything you have to say in life about anyone needs to be said to their face.

In keeping with her advice, I will be taking a short break from blogging at Peak Stupid. I need to go to London so I can tell David Cameron what a wanker he is.