UntitledGood old liberal, @CarlNyberg312, thinks that brains can be wired in a penis shape or a vagina shape and sometimes brains are wired in a vagina shape but the body the brain inhabits actually has a penis. Or something like that.





.@DeusDeMortem thinks that the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, which openly welcomes “cis” people, is a trans safe space in which no one may voice any concerns they might have about the impact of gender on women.



UntitledEntitled white dude who acts like the authority of everything, @MerylSFortney, is really sick and tired of expending energy schooling other white dudes who act like the authority of everything.



UntitledI’m not exactly sure what @MxLaudanum is suggesting here. I think she might be saying that TERFS (that is, women with sensible shoes on who know penis is male) are directly responsible for attacks on trans women by men simply by the very act of knowing penis is male. If everyone in the world pretended penis was female, no men would rape and beat the trans women and would stick to beating and raping the regular women. I think that’s what she’s saying anyway.



Untitled.@ParisLees is a male person who engages in sexual relationships with other male persons and discusses these happenings on the internet for everyone to see. When Julie Burchill notices that Paris Lees is a male person who engages in sex with other male persons and names him as such (gay boy), she is a ranting bigot who needs to be condemned by prominent feminists. My MS Paint skills are not good but I have attempted to draw a diagram that Mr Lees might find useful.