raining musesLesbians: if you don’t include men in your dating pool, you’re committing a transphobic act which leads to violence.

Let’s see how this works for other marginalized groups.

Straight men: if you exclude gay men from your dating pool, know that it’s a homophobic act and leads to literal violence.

Straight women: if you exclude lesbians from your dating pool, know that it’s a lesbophobic act and leads to literal violence.

Not quite as catchy.


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  1. Straight men aren’t attracted to gay men, and straight women aren’t attracted to lesbians. Assuming that all transgender people are the same – or that trans women are necessarily assigned male at birth – is in fact a transphobic act that leads to violence.

    Nobody should feel forced to date anyone they aren’t attracted to, but assuming that all transgender women are the same is a false assumption.

    • No one is assigned male at birth except possibly the rare intersexed infant*. They are OBSERVED to be male or female, or intersexed.

      [*Most people perceived as intersexed are still either male or female, their genitals just don’t match the expected configuration. It’s as simple as running a karyotype or observing which parts the baby has.]

      If someone calls themselves a transwoman now, that means they started out male. Otherwise there’s nothing to “trans”.

      I swear, with you queer theorists, I don’t think even you believe most of the s?!t you’re spouting.

  2. Reblogged this on barclaydave and commented:
    Someone has finally put down what I have long thought, the only true sexuality is bi-sexual since that excludes no one from the dating pool. Please leave comments against the original post and not just here, thank you.

    • There is no such thing as a human being who excludes no one from the dating pool. Everyone has preferences and you’re lying if you say you don’t.

      I want a partner who is male, comfortable in his body and not inclined to break down and cry if I don’t call him a female. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It is not my job to be anyone’s therapist. I’m happy to be there for someone if he’s going through temporary difficulty but the second I become his psychological life-support machine we’ll be reconsidering the situation.

      • Wow, so sorry I upset you, Dana. You don’t know me anymore than I know you but I can be equally attracted to either sex. I don’t knock anybody and would never consider anyone, regardless of gender, race or sexual persuasion to be inferior to me. Maybe that’s just my acceptance that everyone is equal and diversity is better. Can we just accept that we are both different with different aspirations, please?

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