Untitled.@sophiaphotos wants a radical education reform. He wants to do away with ideas like penis = male and female = vagina and presumably also radically rethink the notions that 2 + 2 = 4 and the earth orbits the sun.


4 thoughts on “@sophiaphotos

    • Jen

      Also we need to accept that there was more than one Alexander the Great because a schizophrenic down the street needs us to validate his identity.

  1. hattori

    Females and males are defined by their, potential or actual, ability to produce either egg or sperm, for all species, regardless of what their genitals look like (flowers are plants’ genitals!) or which chromosome sets they possess. This already is taught in schools. But somehow I doubt that is what @sophiaphotos had in mind, right?

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