UntitledOK, maybe @miss_sudo doesn’t have a man’s dick. He definitely doesn’t have a woman’s dick though because, surprise, women don’t have dicks.


4 thoughts on “@miss_sudo

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    A hilarious claim I read often from Trans land. “But it’s my penis, It’ not a man’s penis!!!!” Avery Edison was another guy who loudly made this claim. Anyhow…For laughs:

  2. druidwinter

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    It is Rude to come after people with your personal fetishes. There is a problem in the gay community when Hetro-sex is being forced on gay people. It is wrong and homophobic to shame gay men and push fetishes on lesbians and intersexed persons. This is why the lesbians want to leave the LGBT.

  3. The penis is the male reproductive organ in human beings & claiming it’s female will not make ovas or stop the stupid that comes out of men like this. If dressing up in drag gives you a hard-on you are obviously a dude.

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