kittyAccording to @notpornprobably, everything you have to say in life about anyone needs to be said to their face.

In keeping with her advice, I will be taking a short break from blogging at Peak Stupid. I need to go to London so I can tell David Cameron what a wanker he is.



UntitledI’m not exactly sure what @MxLaudanum is suggesting here. I think she might be saying that TERFS (that is, women with sensible shoes on who know penis is male) are directly responsible for attacks on trans women by men simply by the very act of knowing penis is male. If everyone in the world pretended penis was female, no men would rape and beat the trans women and would stick to beating and raping the regular women. I think that’s what she’s saying anyway.



1In this tweet, @miss_sudo demonstrates astounding transphobia by refusing to acknowledge the many millions of men who actually do get pregnant and then breastfeed their children.