UntitledThe ravishing @tonidorsay thinks that mythical TERFs are angry because he has chosen to subjugate himself into the role of “wife”. In actual fact, radical feminists like myself could not be more thrilled for Tony! We wish you a long and happy marriage, sir!


4 thoughts on “@tonidorsay

  1. druidwinter

    That man can be whatever he wants to be, I wish him well and hope he is happy with what ever he wants to do. I dont know any woman that would deny him his relationship. He is paranoid if he thinks so;

    But Tony, Gay women have rights too, dont be so lesbiphobic.

  2. girlsoftheinternet

    I can’t quite pinpoint why, but that hair makes me really angry.

    Saying that, I am not in any way even interested in your relationship, Tony.

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