UntitledUnless those men identify as women. Right, @sazza_jay?




UntitledGood old @VanguardVivian can always be count upon to provide the lulz. We are big fans here at Peak Stupid. A butch, hairy, flat-chested, non-op trans woman, in plain English terms, is a masculine-appearing, hairy male person.

sebastien-chabal-There is a very good chance that French rugby player, Sébastien Chabal, is a butch, hairy, flat-chested, non-op trans woman. I don’t know. I’ve never asked xi xir gender identity.

tom_selleck_01There is an equally good chance that the impossibly handsome Tom Selleck is a butch, hairy, flat-chested, non-op trans woman. Xi’s never actually told us and it would be transphobic and oppressive of us to ask.

According to Doug, if you’re a lesbian and you don’t want to have sex with a woman who looks like Selleck or Chabal, you’re a big fat ugly bigot and you should die in a fire.



UntitledDavid/Dana Lane Taylor, @miss_sudo, has spent the last couple of days on a countdown to what was supposed to be an ominous TERF Monday. David promised us that this would be “super fucked up.” He promised that TERFs would “scatter.” All we got is a poorly-written, typo-riddled complaint to the Bar Association about Maryland attorney, Cathy Brennan. The only misery I am experiencing right now is disappointment that David couldn’t do better than this.



cauliflowerSo, @HolzmanTweed thinks there is literally no way to find out the sex of a non-human animal unless it tells you. That unplanned pregnancy your cat had doesn’t say anything about its physical sex. Nope. Sex has nothing to do with reproduction whatsoever!