brizoniAccording to @brizoni, lesbians who don’t like to put penises in their mouths are not lesbians at all. They are vagina fetishists.




UntitledkojuLesbian-hating ‘bisexual’ woman, @GurlTalkTVShow, reckons that the majority of lesbians use strap on dildos when they have sex. She also believes that the majority of these lesbians put their dildos in the microwave before use to mimic a man’s ‘natural warmth’.




polvegCitizen Kanus, @PoliticalVeg, doesn’t know what rape means. Or, Citizen Kanus does know what rape means, he just gets his jollies from trolling women on the internet who have opinions about rape. Since Citizen Kanus appears to not know what rape means, and obviously doesn’t know what “fuck off” means, Citizen Kanus appears to be a potentially violent, as well as stupid, man.