cb@crushslut is not only terminally stupid, she is dangerous. The woman who calls herself “crush slut” claims to work with sexual assault survivors. I dread to think what a consultation with her would look like…

Victim: I was raped by a man.
crushslut: Are you sure it was a man? Did you ask him what his preferred pronouns were?
Victim: He had a penis…
crushslut: Well, you can’t just assume everyone with a penis is a man. Let’s address your transphobia.

crushslut doesn’t believe that women have the right to choose who treats them after a rape. She believes that if you are a rape victim, and the doctor treating you has a penis but claims to be a woman, and you object, you’re a wrong, awful bigot and you don’t deserve any compassion.

crushslut’s intelligently well thought out response to being put on this blog:



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