UntitledIn this tweet, @ThatSabineGirl, who is also white and not a girl, denounces radical feminists in the most ridiculous roundabout way possible. For readers who don’t speak Queerio, I shall translate:

SWERF: Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist
TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist
BERF: Bisexual Erasing Radical Feminist
QuERF: Queer Erasing Radical Feminist

What @ThatSabineGirl is really trying to tell us is, “Fuck you, lesbian scum!”


2 thoughts on “@ThatSabineGirl

  1. blackmetalvalkyrie

    LOL I think it was radfems who first made fun of the term ‘TERF’ by making up similar acronyms. They practically mock themselves. Absolutely ridiculous.

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