This is Peak Stupid, not Peak Hypocrisy, but I couldn’t let this one fly under the radar. Zoe Stavri, “anarchist and feminist” and Twitter “activist” extraordinaire, is a firm believer that “hate speech” should be no-platformed.

1Here, she is talking about a panel discussion that was hosted by Gia Milinovich for Soho Skeptics and featured notable transphobic, man-hating lezzer, Julie Bindel. Zoe was so appalled that this kind of bigotry was allowed to be said in public, she did a boycott. Or a girl-cott. Or something. She stayed at home, anyway.

Fast forward to December 2013. Transphobic bigot Julie Bindel is being given a platform to air her apparently reprehensible views, this time by the BBC. Is Zoe Stavri similarly appalled? Does she call for a boycott and a no-platforming? Does she stay at home? No. Because Zoe Stavri also got an invite to be on the BBC so she ditched her politics and went running.

Zoe Stavri doesn’t want to no platform a bigot when she stands to gain some fame!



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