ConnerHabibConner Habib completely misses the point @morethan_image is trying to make but he is right about being a rapist. Conner Habib has sex with women who are not sexually attracted to him and would not choose to have sex with him if it weren’t for the fact that they were being paid. This is economic coercion so yes, Conner Habib, you are a rapist.


ConnerHabib2Conner Habib would like us to know that it’s actually men he participates in sexual activity with in exchange for money. Conner Habib thinks feminists are actually interested in what men do to each other. Men will stick their dicks in anything. Couch cushions, dogs, holes in the wall, Big Boy money banks, babies, women, cheese sandwiches, and other men.


12 thoughts on “@ConnerHabib

  1. Cathy Brennan

    This does not take away the fact that @morethanimage is a man hating arsehole of a human being. Not somebody you want your kids around.

  2. cathy

    Ann Tagonist

    A quick check of your IQ shows you are as thick as pigshit.

    The feminazi bullying trick of ip tracing and doxxing is not lost on me.

    How about you and your like fuck off with your misandric bullshit and act like rational human beings. Not that McNally has a chance. Thats one twisted dude.

    Cathy x

  3. Cathy Brennan, The one and only

    Well done. Lesbo feminist posts IP in the hope that others target the account……inspired by Brennan, carpet muncher in chief.

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