UntitledPoor, stupid @mere_burgess is a pre-med undergraduate who doesn’t know what a fallacy of definition is. Meredith is a heterosexual lady who identifies as a Jesus-lovin’ LGBT ally but then seems to spends a lot of time on Twitter calling lesbians TERFs.




Untitled@meowifyousmile is a ‘dmab trans feminine person’ who uses the pronouns they/them ze/hir and she/her. Essentially, he is a white man who thinks he is special. The poor kid has been referred to as ‘it’ on Twitter and he is about to cry. This is some real shit, you guys. This is one of the most serious forms of oppression. I have no idea if he’s going to be alright.



78678This guy, @Ravenser, can’t comprehend why a woman would ever want to be referred to as big and strong. Women are small and delicate and they like it! The only way it is conceivable to @Ravenser that a woman would get big and strong is if she is in servitude to men. Because despite being big and strong themselves, men need taking care of.



78678When @AtlasSmugged sees a pretty woman, he wants to cry and throw up. Presumably, this vomiting and tearfulness arises out of jealousy for our ciswomanly bodies. Thing is, I’m a woman and I know women. When women see other women who’s bodies we’re jealous of, it doesn’t make us want to cry and throw up. That seems pretty extreme.

@AtlasSmugged’s friend, @tulsy, wants to be the object of that jealousy. She doesn’t think it’s weird at all that looking at pretty girls makes her pal want to cry and throw up. She just hopes he’s crying and throwing up over her.



UntitledIn this tweet, @ThatSabineGirl, who is also white and not a girl, denounces radical feminists in the most ridiculous roundabout way possible. For readers who don’t speak Queerio, I shall translate:

SWERF: Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist
TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist
BERF: Bisexual Erasing Radical Feminist
QuERF: Queer Erasing Radical Feminist

What @ThatSabineGirl is really trying to tell us is, “Fuck you, lesbian scum!”



cb@crushslut is not only terminally stupid, she is dangerous. The woman who calls herself “crush slut” claims to work with sexual assault survivors. I dread to think what a consultation with her would look like…

Victim: I was raped by a man.
crushslut: Are you sure it was a man? Did you ask him what his preferred pronouns were?
Victim: He had a penis…
crushslut: Well, you can’t just assume everyone with a penis is a man. Let’s address your transphobia.

crushslut doesn’t believe that women have the right to choose who treats them after a rape. She believes that if you are a rape victim, and the doctor treating you has a penis but claims to be a woman, and you object, you’re a wrong, awful bigot and you don’t deserve any compassion.

crushslut’s intelligently well thought out response to being put on this blog: